ZuriZuri came into SABBR’s care in July 2013 suffering from neglect with large scarring over her back legs and severe infections in both of her eyes that had been left untreated for some time. Our volunteers have said they will never forget that particular pound break because despite how broken they felt seeing her condition and how badly humans had let her down, Zuri soon sorted them out with smiles and laughter. She didn’t need tears, she just needed to show them it was ok, that chapter of her life was over and now life will begin again. Which is exactly what happened the moment we walked her into her foster carer Danni’s home later that day.

To relieve her pain and discomfort, Zuri bravely underwent three surgeries on her eyes and had months of medication all with SABBR’s supporters right by her side following her story, generously donating to her medical care and wishing her well at every step of her journey. Unfortunately the years of neglect couldn’t be reversed completely and she was left with permanent damage to her sight and immune system.

Zuri tragically passed away in the early hours of the morning just before Christmas 2015 due to complications from her earlier years of neglect prior to coming to SABBR.

Zuri was such an amazing gift and all those that met this beauty were in awe of her spirit and love for life no matter what her current health situation – even right up to her final moments. She was the perfect big sister to her foster siblings and adored her human brother Jayden, her best boofa friend Zac and her mum, well Danni was her world. Zuri always knew she was loved, adored, cared for and cherished – that is priceless. Danni you were her light. To our amazing followers, Zuri was only able to find her happy ending thanks to your support and we are forever grateful. ​