Jonie was found in a local park and rushed to the vet. The amazing team at WAVES comforted her and gave her some much needed care. They discovered large tumours on her nipples that hung so low they had been rubbing along the ground and tripping her over. She was also suffering from painful entroprion, skin and ear infections and her teeth were all cracked and broken. Jonie did not come to be this way overnight, this was neglect over a long period of time that saw her depressed from a huge amount of pain and discomfort.

Jonie1She came into SABBR’s care and a treatment plan and surgery dates were made. Unfortunately we did not get the chance to put this plan into place as just five days later, her foster carer came home to a house full of blood – Jonie’s mammory mass had burst and she was rushed back to WAVES for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. The only way to stop the bleeding was to remove the mass but her surgery did not go to plan as she reacted badly to the anaesthetic as well as the heartbreaking discovery of a second tumour underneath the first. The team were able to save her life and she started her recovery with a blood transfusion while we consulted with cancer experts in the Eastern states. The news was not good and we were told that poor Jonie was suffering with two types of cancer and would only have a few months to live.

We were determined to make her last few weeks as comfortable as possible which included a visit to our eye specialist, who confirmed it was the worst entropion she had seen. Jonie underwent surgery to correct the painful eye condition and give her some much needed relief in her final weeks. She was given the best life possible and went away on camping trips, visits to the beach, puppy play dates and even some pampering with her toenails painted. She was given the ultimate life she deserved.

Jonie was such a special girl who seemed to have forgiven humans for the neglect she had suffered in her former life thanks to her amazing carers James, Tatum, Lani, Nick, Rosie and Dan who were all devoted to showering her in love and compassion. You could see the appreciation in her eyes and her beautiful spirit ensured she worked her way into everyones hearts showing us the true meaning of unconditional love.

Despite everyones best efforts, Jonie just couldn’t hold out any longer and she was rushed to the vets this morning where the decision was sadly made to give her her wings. We can only take comfort knowing that she did not pass away scared and alone in pain all those months ago but was instead surrounded by love and comforted in her final moments by her loving foster pawrents Rosie and Dan, who will miss her dearly. Rosie and Dan, everyone at SABBR appreciates all you have done for Jonie and can not thank you enough for opening your home and heart to our lovely girl.

SABBR is an all volunteer, foster based, not for profit rescue and we rely on the public for donations to help cover the often costly medical expenses of our special cases like Jonie. Those donations allow our amazing foster carers to direct all their attention to providing the physical care, emotional well being, treats, toys, family time and most importantly, love and comfort. We are so very grateful to everyone who has been a part of Jonie’s journey and have allowed us to help this beautiful girl.

Run free now Jonie, we will miss you more than words can say x