HunterIn early February 2014 took an urgent surrender call that we will never forget. A young pup by the name of Hunter needed our help. Nothing could have prepared us for the video we were sent. It was one of the most upsetting sights the committee had probably ever seen and will likely stick in our minds for ever. What we saw was a young pup suffering what can only be described as some sort of seizure and a young otherwise healthy 5 month old pup crying in distress. It was decided that we had to do something to try to help to give this gorgeous boy a second chance. We were Hunters last option.

Chloe opened her home to Hunter to give him that chance and we then started the process of months of assessing and consulting with different vets to determine just what was going on in Hunters young body. We were referred by our vets at Swan to a neurological specialist Dr Fiona and we started on further test as recommended by Dr Fiona. Sadly every turn we made the results came back inconclusive and even the specialist was at a loss as to what was going on. We decided to opt for an MRI but again the results came back inconclusive, Dr Fiona even consulted with vets in the UK and US. This was something rare, baffling and confusing. Hunters symptoms never presented as horrifying as that initial video we witnessed as his foster mum figured that holding him and comforting during episodes reduced the distress but they were slowly worsening with time. Hunter had no control over his long giraffe legs, his brain simply wasn’t connecting with his body the way it was meant to.

After months of consultations and Hunters condition affecting his quality of life committee with support of his specialist came to the heart wrenching decision that the chance of finding a cure was minimal and too much to put Hunter through any further and we decided it was Hunters time to run free, free the way a young carefree pup is meant to.

HunterOn 12th June 2014 Hunter was given his wings, big white ones to match his angelic looks and innocent young life taken far too soon by a cruel condition.

Hunter was very much loved by everyone who met him and he touched all of our hearts with his happy go lucky forever joyful outgoing loving kissing cuddly nature despite everything his body was doing to him. Underneath Hunter was just a typical big lanky loveable pup.

He left us all with questions unanswered but the committee unanimously decided as conflicting as it was that Hunters condition could possibly be one we can all learn from and hopefully will help other dogs in the future and we agreed to have Hunters brain autopsied by Murdoch. Hunter like all our boofas who have passed will then be returned to us.

We can not thank everyone enough who donated to Hunters MRI, supported us and shared the joy and the heart break of Hunters journey with us. Special thanks goes to Dr Fiona for all her help and care not only of a Hunter but Chloe, his foster mum.
To Chloe, Hunter could not have asked for a more loving home and we are thinking of you at this incredibly sad time. We thank you for everything you gave to him and opening your home and heart despite knowing the outcome may not be what we wanted.
We feel Hunter was a special unique boy sent to us knowing how they all touch our hearts, but he reminded us why we go above and beyond for them because they fill our lives with special moments that are irreplaceable and make our lives more meaningful every day.

RIP Hunter, run free and let loose with those supermodel legs of yours in the sky, the way we wanted it to be for you. ​