Dixie had a unforeseeable accident at her foster mums house in March 2014 and seriously injured her leg. She was rushed to the vet and spent a large amount of time in the Penthouse Suite of WA Vet Emergency & Speciality Hospital where she fought for her life.

Thousands of dollars were spent on hospilisation, medication, consults and surgery desperately trying to fight the super bugs in her leg. The community rallied behind us in a donation drive known as ‘Dollars for Dixie’ and followed our every update.

A decision was made to amputate Dixie’s leg in the hope it would help her win her battle but the damage was extensive and a large part of her pelvic bone and back also needed to be removed. Dixie was on her road to recovery when her poor tired body was unexpectedly hit with another super bug and just couldn’t help but go into septic shock. Dixie had fought so hard but sometimes life has other plans and we were forced to say goodbye