Chrissy was a seven month old pup when she was surrendered to us in June 2014 due to her owners being unable to afford medical care needed for an issue with incontinence. Chrissy was as sweet as pie and friendly to everyone she met so we took on the task of trying to help her.

Chrissy was taken to our vets who suggested a number of possible solutions for us to try including medications, natural supplements, hormone therapy and further tests. Chrissy’s amazing foster carers lovingly cared for her going above and beyond changing her nappies through the day, following her around trying to collect urine samples for tests and giving her daily medications but above all else, lots of love and care.

Sadly no matter what we tried, nothing worked. Every drug we gave her was ineffective and our poor girl became more and more uncomfortable with the urine that would burn her skin each day.

In July 2015 year she became incredibly unwell and over a six week period suffered cystitis, pancreatitis, mastitis and a bowel infection. It was during this time that her foster carer frantically raced to the vets and we almost lost her to an allergic reaction to one of her pain medications. After endless weeks of antibiotics and anti inflammatories, she was finally given the all clear but her incontinence was worse than ever and she was showing the early stages of a neurological disorder.

Chrissy underwent xrays to determine if surgery was possible to fix her issues. Our hearts were broken when the specialists advised that her internal organs were such a mess, that they could not even see what was functional or developed correctly. We knew that one kidney was compromised and that one urethra was not connected to where it should be with it potentially leaking urine inside of her.

Chrissy was such a rare case, it was only the second time they had seen anything like this in three years. We were told surgery would be in excess of $10,000 and while we were happy to proceed so that our beautiful girl could finally live a normal life, our specialists warned that the risks of her surgery were huge.

The chances of her passing away mid surgery were very high and the chance of surgery even being successful were very low. If she was lucky enough for it to go well, she would face life long complications that needed intense ongoing medical treatment. Our specialists spoke to us from their hearts and advised it was kinder to Chrissy not to go ahead with the surgery.

Chrissy was struggling with day to day life and each day we lost a little more of our happy laid back girl. Her beautiful personality was slipping away bit by bit and a decision was made that after exploring every possible treatment option, we needed to give her the peace she so needed. In January 2016 we said goodbye while she was lovingly cradled in the arms of her foster carer who will miss her dearly.

To Chrissy’s amazing foster carers JP, Kelly, Nicole, Joseph, Millicent, Sean, Katie, Rebecca, Sarah, Carly, Mike, Kirsten, Lisa, Adam and families thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing our beautiful girl how much she was loved and cared for.