The story of little baby Tricky as told by Steph.

“When Tricky came to me as a 7 week old puppy, she was lifeless. I picked her up and raced her to Swan Vets for them to perform lifesaving surgery. Tricky had a bone stuck in her oesophagus that had been there for 5 days. She was misdiagnosed days earlier as having pneumonia and sent home, this mistake almost cost her her life. The team at Swan Vet worked tirelessly to retrieve the bone and give Tricky the best care possible.

The next day we brought her home and started our road to recovery but after just a few hours, she was rushed back. The infection in her body was just too strong for her to fight on her own. After 2 days of touch and go, MANY tear filled conversations with the SABBR committee, Tricky came home again.

Many sleepless nights and stinky puppy pads latter, Tricky was a bouncy normal puppy. The scaring in her throat caused a very sensitive gag reaction making it hard to stomach any lumpy foods, but eventually we got there.

We trained, we played, we loved and we cried with our baby Tricky. After many weeks, it was time for Tricky to find her forever family. Tricky is now a very happy pup that lives with her 3 skin brothers and sisters, guinea pig friends and gets to run along the beach almost daily.
This pup holds a special place in my heart, and always will. Thank you SABBR for giving her the best fighting chance at life!”