Ohlin was a case of severe neglect. This is his story as told  by Lisa We had always wanted to foster. When I started volunteering for SABBR it became even more clear. I helped in an administrative capacity as we had our temperamental rescue Luna who was particular with other canine friends.Ohlin

Then one day this gorgeous, mangey, neglected pup was emailed to SABBR. He was located right around the corner from us and we decided to jump in and offer temporary care. At the time we could only offer 2 weeks but this would allow the pup to leave the Vet whilst SABBR found something more long term.

We were nervous and excited. Many thoughts were buzzing through our minds when we picked him up. We picked him up and I cried when I first saw him. Here was a beautiful puppy – his health clearly wasn’t the best. He was missing fur, was underweight and had a large scab on his head. The vet nurses put him into my arms and I wept. How do they end up like this?
Wrapt in my arms we left and as went drove home decided he would be named Ohlin. The first few days were stressful – introducing Luna to Ohlin was something to new to us. The concern over what we doing and whether we were doing it correctly was on our minds. 


OhlinThere were numerous calls to the SABBR team looking for advice and reassurance – it was fantastic to have the support we needed on call. You second guess everything but thank fully we had the support of the SABBR team who answered every call, every text and they provided us with the advice we needed and reassurance that we were doing well. For this support we will always be grateful.

After a few nervous days, Luna and Ohlin were eventually able to be left alone together. Then suddenly Ohlin got sick – vomiting, diarrhea and we knew something wasn’t right. One call to SABBR and they advised us to take him straight to Swan vet. It didn’t take long for the wonderful team at Swan to identify that Ohlin had Parvo!. A devastating blow as his immune system was already so low. He was covered in mange and clearly a victim of neglect.

Ohlin spent 5 days at Swan Vet and we would have lost him if we did not have the advice from SABBR. It was quite an emotional time – we were supposed to foster Ohlin back to health – ready for long term foster and adoption yet there he was fighting for life at Swan. We were overwhelmed by the support we received from all the SABBR family and supporters during this period – every message, comments on his pictures/updates was appreciated.

When we got the call that Ohlin was ready to come home we realised that Ohlin was meant to be with us. Almost three years on and we still can’t believe how lucky we are to have this beautiful, affectionate, sensitive babe. Ohlin is the epitome of a boofa – gorgeous, affectionate and he loves people.”

*Ohlin and Luna have since welcomed another rescue sister Suki