Favvy was another lovely girl surrendered to SABBR while heavily pregnant. Favvy’s labour was not easy and she was rushed to the emergency vet with a life threatening condition. Favvy recovered and raised her pups until they were all adopted. Then it was Favvy’s time as told by Amanda.

Loving Staffys I read and learnt about fostering. I decided this was our solution. We could get me company whilst not completely committing to ‘forever’ and helping a pup in the process. Within the week of sending my details I was contacted to collect a Mum who’s puppies had all been rehomed and was in need of an ‘inbetween’ house before she could go to her forever home.

The entire way i was wondering what this puppy would be like. When i saw her little face jumping up to meet me, my heart melted. She was beautiful! You could tell she loved people and she had the greatest smile. We took our first selfie in the car and i couldnt wait to take her home. Here is that first selfie we took (big smiles all round).

As soon as I got home my boyfriend couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. We let her sniff around and our love affair began. We had to keep reminding ourselves she had a family already lined up so we were just looking after her for a short time but already she was changing our lives. Every day I would come home and she would run laps up and down the hallway with excitement and we would hit the park.

As if it were fate Favvy didn’t show her best behaviour on her meet and luckily for us she was bow up for adoption… Without hesitation or even question. We adopted her!!!

Favvy is an amazing girl. She is smiley, happy, loves dogs, food, cuddles, me and my boyfriend. She is a lover!! Everyday i get home she is waiting for me at the gate and the race is on. She races around back into the doggy door, up the hallway and straight out the front door, skids to a hault mid yard, runs back and jumps up, tail wagging wildly. We catch up with kisses and cuddles and get ready for our walk to the park. Down in the park everyone knows Favvy. She likes to meet all the dogs and all the people and everyone loves her. Shes a big ball of happiness.

I can’t imagine my life without her. We were so lucky to have been matched with her and I could not imagine life without her.
Favvy can be cheeky… and rules the roost… But coming home to her and having that companion to follow you around life is the greatest feeling in the world.”