Dex’s Mum “Squeak” shares her story on how she came to adopt from SABBR:

“I came across Dexter’s profile on a rescue website and knew I had to meet him. The serial killer name, the oversized ears and the quirky face all just screamed out to me. I took over foster care of him from a lovely lady named Sharon, with the intent to adopt. We bonded instantly. He is a bull in a china shop and very stubborn, but an absolute crack up. Never a dull moment with Dex.

Funnily enough, his enormous ears are completely superfluous, as he was born deaf. Poor guy had been hand-balled around several homes with people not knowing how to control a deaf dog, and as a result he came with quite a few issues which have drastically improved.
You know how they call depression the Black Dog? Well, the Black Dog had been biting me particularly hard until Dexter entered my life and pulled me out of that funk. He’s my White Dog – the antidote to my metal health issues – and I love him dearly. I’ve even chosen my first house based on the yard’s suitability to Dexter.

Stay tuned for we’re surely going to have some wild adventures in the years to come”.