Aka’s leg was amputated when he was younger due to a vet bandaging a broken leg too tightly. Aka was surrendered as his family no longer had the time for him. This is his story as told by Haidee.

“I got a call to see if I could take a 3 legged Miniature Bull Terrier. I jumped at the chance to take another bull breed and a 3 legged one at that! When the foster carer brought him over to my place I saw an extremely enthusiastic, snorty, strong and quite hyper dog.

I think it took me about a week to fall completely head over heels in love with this little man. He was so affectionate, both with myself and my partner at the time, absolutely loved kids and was great with other dogs.About two weeks in, some friends of friends decided that would like to try adopting Aka, unfortunately their dog didn’t agree and it didn’t work out.

​During the drive back from picking up Aka, my partner and were talking to Aka and then as we were stopped at a set of lights, looked at each other and had the exact same thought. ‘We can’t let him go to someone else, we have to keep him’. We both said almost the exact same thing at the same time and that pretty much sealed the deal. We loved this little character. Even my mum, who had always thought Bull Terriers were aggressive, ugly dogs. He’s now her “grand-son”, haha!

Aka is the absolute love of my life. He’s getting on, now being 9 years old and he’s got osteo-arthritis and dry eye, which are under control. I occasionally suffer from symptoms of a mental illness and without my “Akkie” I don’t know how I’d get through those days. He’s been with me through the painful breakdown of the relationship with his “dad” and other not so pleasant things and never ever fails to cheer me up. He’ll come and lie down next to me (or sometimes on me, haha), give me a big smooch and bury his head in my neck.

​Had I not starting fostering for SABBR and been supported so well the whole way, I may never have known such love. I am eternally grateful to everyone from SABBR, as well as the other wonderful people I’ve met through being involved in rescue. They have the hugest hearts and never give up on animals that need love and care. The sacrifices people involved in rescue make are incredible. And all done for the love of our animals.
Foster or adopt, trust me, you will never look back.”