Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue (SABBR) commits to encouraging a safe, supportive and productive volunteer environment. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and agrees to suitable standards of conduct.

The following are acts which the organisation considers unacceptable. Any volunteer found engaging in these acts will be subject to disciplinary action which may include reprimand, warning, suspension or being asked to leave.

As a member of our volunteer group:

  • Failing to communicate in an efficient manner with committee members when it comes to the health, safety and/or wellbeing of our dogs.

  • Not taking appropriate care of, neglecting or abusing SABBR foster dogs or any other animal in or outside the members care.

  • Refusing to follow or failing to carry out the reasonable instructions or directions of a committee member.

  • Intentionally giving any false or misleading information that puts others (animals and/or humans) at risk.

  • Use of physical or intimidating punishment or training (kicking, punching, pinching and/or hitting, staring dogs in the eyes or forcing the dog to roll over to submit) on SABBR foster dogs.

  • Chaining or use of electric shock collars, check/choke chains, prong collars on SABBR foster dogs without prior consent of a committee member.

  • Using threatening or abusive language towards or harassing a fellow member of SABBR.

  • Rehoming a SABBR foster dog without prior consent of a committee member.

  • Stealing or not passing on adoption fees, donations or property which belong to SABBR.

  • Discarding, selling or giving away SABBR property without prior consent of a committee member.

  • Misuse of SABBRs confidential information/discussions (in private or public) or referring to SABBR in a slanderous or defamatory manner.

  • Failing to adhere to the ethics of SABBR.